Blame It On The Rain: Alternate Activities for A Rainy Day

Nothing can put a damper on those sunbathing plans like a summer rainstorm. But never fear; there are still options out there to have some good ol’ fashioned summer fun.
Go to the movies: Summer is the season of blockbusters, so when the rain comes pourin’ down, head into your local mutliplex, grab some popcorn, Milk Duds and indulge in some heavy caloric intake and a couple hours of mindless entertainment. It might not be the best thing for your bikini bod, but a lil’ indulgence never hurt anyone.
Get lost in the bookstore: Being stuck inside is a great opportunity to get caught up on your reading and to check out that new bestseller you’ve been hearing about, or an old classic you haven’t picked up since your days in high school Lit. Plant yourself in your nearest Barnes & Noble or Borders, grab an iced latte and read away.
Check out a museum: Many cities have great museums, and not just of the artsy genre. Check out what you have in your area. Chances are, you can find a museum chronicling the history of all kinds of interesting topics; aerospace, film, maybe even sex. Whatever floats your boat. Take the chance to soak in some educational information; it is a lot healthier than soaking in the rays.
Try a new recipe: It may be too hot to try some sort of baked goodie, but do a search for a salad you’ve never made; greens, pasta, macaroni, even Jello. Or, find some sort of summery cocktail recipe, whip it up, and invite a couple friends over to enjoy the fruits of your labor while watching your favorite chick flicks.
And last, but not least…
Play in the rain: One of the best things about summer storms is that it’s warm outside and you can get soaking wet without that pesky cold. Throw on your grungy clothes, put on some flip flops and go out and act like a kid again. Splash in puddles, scream into the wind; just let yourself go. And if you happen to have a summer fling, drag him out with you and makeout in the rain a la The Notebook – it’ll be a moment you won’t soon forget.

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