The Male Brazilian: Catching On?

We all deal with the trials and tribulations of bikini line maintenance on a pretty regular basis. So, why (oh why) are we forced to ignore the hair problem when it comes to our men?
Those days may soon be over. When I was sitting at my salon waiting for my appointment, I was flipping through this week’s Us Weekly, when I learned some very personal information about some of Hip Hop’s biggest stars.
Apparently, both Puff Daddy and Jay-Z are all about the male Brazilian. (Yeah, Beyonce!)
As in: hot wax, being applied to their man parts (and cracks!) and being ripped off by a large woman (most likely in need of a lip wax). Jay-Z was even quoted as saying, “bald is beautiful.”
So. Many. Thoughts. Going. Through. My. Mind.
One, I would rather not think of Puff Daddy lying on the table getting his balls waxed. But, at the same time, I got sorta excited at the thought of those men – who are all about bangin’ bitches – feeling and understanding the pain that women go through to stay beautiful and “feminine.”
(My stylist says: “That sh*t hurts and it’s about freaking time they realized!”)
(Her gay assistant says: “It makes everything look so much bigger!”)
I also found myself grinning at the thought of this trend taking off and sweeping the nation. Just imagine doing naughty things to your man without having to deal with the hair hurdle!
I decided to do some research into the minds of boys. I needed to know if this was something I could look forward to the next time I brought a boy home.
Answer: no.
I guess I got a little ahead of myself on this one; looks like most guys don’t have the threshold for pain down there like our Diddy and Jay.
What do you think? Are you for or against the male Brazilian? You gonna make your man get one?
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