Smack Underwear: Don’t Buy It (Or Your Butt Will Hate You)

Rather than doing my laundry I often find it fun to buy new things…particularly underwear. I know I’m not the only one, either. Laundry day or Victoria’s Secret? C’mon.
Granted, it would be much cheaper to wash, but I digress.
Just yesterday I hit a low point in my stack of floral, striped, polka dot, lace, days of the week undies, and even every thong…so I headed out in search of spankin new skivvies.
I found myself at Urban Outfitters (it’s always fun running through Urban, checking out the goods but lately I’ve noticed EVERYTHING is a play on Vintage. I work in Vintage clothing sales and it’s hard to buy a “Vintage” looking top when you know five girls on the street will be wearing it too).
I’m getting away from my point — back to the underthing situation. I grabbed a sweet little lace forest green bra (so cute and comfortable) and three pairs of “Smack” underwear in solid shades of yellow, blue, and purple. I was excited, the colors were muted and the cotton felt soft.
Ha! Excited, nothing! I was swindled.
Smack? It was more like Crack! I don’t know how anyone could want to wear these or find them sexy. These underwear are low rise (which is great) but there’s more room in the front than in the back. I don’t have a very large butt, still, my behind was suffocating in these little wannabe drawers.
No one likes a granny panty, but no likes post-its either.
The jury stays: PASS

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