Naughty and Nice: A New Look for Fashion

Historically, women have always been shoved into a little feminine box. We have always had to be proper – pinky out when drinking tea, crossing our legs at the ankle when sitting on the couch, letting the man make all the first moves. That trend has made its exit in the past 10 or so years, but for some reason, it still stuck around in the fashion world. Frilly dresses, delicate fabrics and beautifully crafted footwear are the staple of many women’s wardrobes.

But that custom’s days are also fleeting.

There is a new look making its way on runways from Paris to New York that is pairing the daintiness of yesteryear with the attitude of the modern day woman. And it is easy to do: the trick is to pump up the hardware on your feet and temper the volume of your dress so you look fresh and strong – not like Avril Lavigne.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of NY-based design label Rodarte are pioneers in this new look, taking their line out of the box with wild footwear by oft-name-dropped shoe king, Christian Louboutin. “Loubous” designed for Rodarte have been garnished with seriously sinister-looking spikes of various shapes and sizes, straps galore, pyramid studs and zippers. Paired with a pair of fishnets and a barely there sheer frock, the Rodarte ladies are making a statement, loud and clear.

Other designers working this look are Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony and Luella Bartley, who showed sweet liberty prints and ladylike frocks. Naughty and nice.

Don’t despair if you can’t shell out the cash for the designer version: Diane von Furstenberg’s Per Se pump already has the tough part of the look down with architectural angles and a flash of metal in the heel. When paired with a crepe-thin floaty tea dress, the desired effect is achieved.

It may seem like a difficult look to pull off, but try it. You will look fierce and feel….more fierce. Just go dancing in these spiked wonders at your own risk.

But, of course, have fun out there; we all know you’ve got a bad side.

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