Two To Go: Who Will Win The Bachelorette’s Heart?

DeAnna took the remaining three fellas on a date to the Bahamas. If the boys couldn’t cut loose, enjoy themselves, and win her over in a tropical locale, then there was no hope for ’em.Jeremy went first. Poor Jer. Stiff, unfunny, a hopeless romantic who’s almost too right for DeAnna. Their date was lackluster. The only thing I wrote down in my notes while I watched was: Grand Bahama Island (the name of the resort) and “Burgers for dinner?” If my mind wandered, DeAnna’s must have too.
My main man Jason turned everything around. He made DeAnna laugh, and insisted on not boring her with talk about his kid. They smiled, and unlike the other two dates, both of them seem like better, more fulfilled people when they’re together.
And then there’s the wild card: Jesse. Who knew he would last this long? The two of them rode horses on the beach. Then he finally put the humorous side away and asked DeAnna some tough questions about how their lives would merge should they get married. Kids, commuting to Colorado, the works. I admire the fact that he’s taking this so seriously, but whenever I see DeAnna and Jesse together I just see good friends. They’re the reality show equivalent of Duckie and Andie, and we know how that one ends.
So not surprisingly, Jeremy was given the boot tonight. He went from heartbroken, to angry, to a guilt-tripping jerk, to depressed and out of it in about 60 seconds of footage. The drama continued on tonight’s reunion episode when he still didn’t seem to understand why DeAnna didn’t choose him.
So we’ve got the finale next week. Here’s my final power ranking:
1. Jason – If he doesn’t walk away with the girl on his arm then I will eat my hat. Seriously. Cover it in ketchup.
2. Jesse – Fun guy, great heart, but just not right for this. Next year’s Bachelor? That could be fun.
What do you think ladies? Anyone think Jesse can pull off the upset?

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Crappiest Blog Ever Gives Women a Bad Name
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