Vanity Fair Thinks “Hollywood’s Next Wave” Is All White

Vanity Fair recently came out with “Hollywood’s Next Wave” of teen superstars, and besides the fact that at 25 I already feel too old to know who half of the kids are (25! Too old!), there was one other tiny piece of information that made me feel a little strange. Out of the 28 teens featured in the article, 2 of them were something other than Caucasian.
Either Young Hollywood has systematically sorted out all of its ethnicity, or Vanity Fair is straight up stupid.
A big magazine like VF has loads of money, and the power to change how we as a society view ourselves. They can break down barriers and send that message to hundreds of thousands of readers across the county. Why oh why, then, are they taking Hampton-esque pictures of kids who all kinda look the same (half of whom will probably disappear into obscurity in 3 years), and not-so-subtly telling America that the media is still whitewashed? I’ll answer that rhetorical question. They’re doing it because like most big media conglomerates, they’re more concerned with money than they are with actually saying something of merit.
So go on propagating the theory that minorities don’t exist, Vanity Fair. Keep on pushing the girls-must-be-skinny-but-guys-can-be-hilarious-and-chubby way of thinking. Continue asking lame-ass, ridiculous questions (“Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin?“, “BlackBerry or iPhone?“) to anyone under the age of 21. You’re doing a great job being mundane and conservative.
[Have your own “Hollywood’s Next Wave” list? We’re sure you can do better than VF]

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