Gentle Giant’s Gross Gag On America’s Got Talent

So last week I joked that this show makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Last night I seriously considered it. Yet at the same time, I couldn’t turn away from the TV.
Meet George The Giant. He’s a 7′ 3″ security guard auditioning in Chicago. His act was truly “out there.” George quips, “When you’re my size you have two choices; play basketball or be a freak…and I hate sports.”
Here’s George captivating the audience with his eyebrow raising talent.
Now remember people, the winner of this show gets $1 Million bucks and their own show in Las Vegas. So when people get moved on to the next round it means the judges think their talent is worthy of both prizes. Since Big George moved through, we can only assume the judges are crazy...or drunk.
Check both for The Hoff.
Where George lowered the expectations of the crowd and society in general, 71-year-old Paul Salos picked them up. He's a Frank Sinatra inspired singer and a genuine class act. Not only does this guy deserve the money but I'd probably pay to see him in concert. We're rooting for ya old buddy.
What did you think about last night, folks? Another evening of ho-hum talent or did you see promise somewhere I didn't?

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