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Keep Forgetting to Do Your Kegals? Try Luna Beads


Remember kegals? They (who? I don’t know. Cosmo magazine, mostly) told us we really had to do them. Promised us it would make us healthier and stronger and make sex 10 times better. I don’t know about you, but I never really found the time to do them. They told us to do them while watching TV or even sitting at our desk doing homework, but seriously, who can remember such things? Not me.

Enter Luna Beads. All you need to do is insert a luna bead (or 2) into your vajayjay and let it do the work for you. According to this Fleshbot article, Luna Beads are “a ‘combined pleasure/fitness system for the circum vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.’ Translation: a really easy way to do Kegels—and one that will, ideally, feel pretty f*cking awesome while you work out.”

So, if you find yourself constantly forgetting to do your kegals, consider purchasing some Luna Beads (only $41.99!!). The Fleshbot tester claims, “…did Luna Beads feel pretty awesome banging around inside my cooch? Yes.” Well then. The only thing is, you’re supposed to use them every day for 30 minutes. So um, how am I supposed to remember that again?