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WTF: Shopping for Sweaters in July?


Jackets already? No thanks.

(Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

It’s hot today in New York. Really. Hot. Even in the air conditioning, I am sweating (ew). Last week, in preparation for some 4th of July swimming, I set off on a mission to find myself a swimsuit. I was looking for a kind of cute, retro one-piece, so I headed to my old standby: Urban Outfitters. When I entered the store, however, I was in shock. Everywhere I looked there were sweaters, long-sleeve plaid shirts and…is that a coat with a wool collar?!

WTF Urban Outfitters?! It’s JULY. I decided to try another store down the street, but was struck with the same thing. Again and again as I made my way down Broadway, I saw Fall clothing up in every window. Yesterday the latest issue of Lucky magazine arrived in my mailbox, chock full of…you guessed it…Fall fashions. I leafed through it while sitting on my bed half-naked trying to cool down in front of my fan. The pages and pages of models in tights and sweaters were not helping.

Look, I know that designers release collections early, I know that Fall fashion week actually showcases Spring looks, etc, etc. But really, chain stores, hast thou forgotten the lowly average customer? We still want to go shopping for swimsuits and sundresses in July! We won’t need sweaters until late September! The thought of trying on a long sleeved ANYTHING when I’m dripping with sweat and nursing a sunburn is enough to make me break down. So please, chain stores, I beg of you. Keep the Summer stuff around for a few more weeks. This is New York, not Antarctica.