Confessions of a Big Girl in a Bikini

I did the most daring thing today. I purchased my very first bikini since I was 6. For many of you, this sounds like nothing worth merit; but for me it means a lot.
I’ve always been The Fat Kid who was constantly teased because my thighs were bigger than everyone else’s.
Even after puberty blessed me with hips and boobs to help evenly distribute my weight (thank you, puberty!), my big girl classification never left. In fact, it still dangles over my head as a constant reminder that I’ll never be small. I still never feel 100% comfortable in anything I wear and – despite having several flings and one serious boyfriend – the thought of talking to a guy makes my throat close up and my heart beat like crazy.
Instead of obssesing over my weight, I recently decided to learn to live with my curves and stop cursing them (even though I would like to change some things about my body for health reasons). While putting away clothes at my job at a retail giant I came across a gorgeous solid indigo bikini with with crystal accents. I couldn’t put it down. I just had. to. have. it.
So, I did.
I ventured home and slipped it on, checking myself out in the mirror. I felt beautiful. Sure my belly pooch was visible for all the world to see, but I felt like a goddess. It was exhilarating and exciting and….beautiful.
So ladies, let go of all those bodies insecurities and pull out that bikini or mini dress you’ve been dying to wear (just make sure it actually fits). Your body – no matter what size – is beautiful and you will see that when you put it on.
And, for those of you who have been rocking the bikini forever, the next time you and a group of friends are ready to giggle as you pass that so called “beached whale” donning a two piece, think about how confident she is and hope that one day you’ll actually posses an ounce of pride that she has for looking like a real woman.

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