F*ck The New iPhone

Dear Steve Jobs,
I have had my iPhone for almost a year now. I love it. I love how bright the screen is, I love how much it can do and I love having everything I need in the palm of my hand. In fact, I also love my MacBook. I am an Apple girl to the core (no pun intended…I am NOT in the mood for jokes right now).
At least, I was until this morning. All week everyone has been talking about 2 things: the new (faster, cheaper, better) iPhone and all the new applications that would be available for both iPhones. Being a current user, I didn’t care much about the new phone (except for the fact that it is FASTER, CHEAPER and BETTER…thankyouverymuch), but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the fun new things I’d be able to download.
So, I woke up this morning, plugged in my phone and installed the new updates. As it was all loading up and getting ready I shopped the new App Store and planned what I was going to buy. Crosswords! Blackjack! So many fun games!
But wait. That wasn’t going to happen for me. No, because my phone got JACKED UP. Completely wiped. Unable to be recognized by my computer. Totally. un-useable.
I had a brief meltdown that included tears, a donut (you owe me a dollar) and a lot of profanity before I composed myself enough to get to the nearest Apple store for some Genius help. And, of course, that was a bust too. Because there were 4,000 people in line trying to buy the new iPhone and, OF COURSE, no one was able to do tech support today.
One nice man helped me – thank you, Aaron – but even he couldn’t do much because there are too many new people using iTunes so now the entire server is down. Tell me, Steve, how do you think this makes your current customers feel?!
I get that you want to sell phones, but how about helping the people who ALREADY OWN THEM? Or, maybe, getting iTunes up to par with the amount of people that will be signing on today so this bullsh*t doesn’t happen to paying customers.
I have no phone. I cannot text, I cannot call, and I cannot check my stock quotes hourly like I am used to. I hate the new iPhone. I hate all the people who are buying the new iPhone and ruining my day. Take care of this, or you will be losing a very loyal Mac customer.
Thanks for nothing, Steve.

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