Partying Amongst the Rich and Famous: Supremely Ridiculous

“What did you do last night?”
It’s a question that often goes unanswered and maybe that’s for the best because the only clues you have are rather discerning (ie. waking up in someone elses’ pants or finding a tattoo of betty boop on your ankle or perhaps finding that you have a plane ticket to miami mysteriously scheduled for the following weekend). This past weekend I would discover that these are not exaggerated tales attempting to glorify a night of reckless drinking… they are (and I am living proof) ridiculous truths.
Like so many other New York hot spots, “Pink Elephant” is surrounded by velvet ropes, bouncers that answer to “Gus”, disco balls, teensy girls in teensy skirts, drugs, overpriced drinks and that guy who had one-too-many performing a very public (and very unsolicited) strip show. I came here with some friends and we got in, having mistaken it for another club called “Mansion”… but this was one mistake I would not regret.
The music was not exactly the type that puts me in a jovial booty-shaking trance, where my dancing skills take on a life of their own. Rather, the music was more Euro-style with some Madonna splashed here and there.
Usually, if the music isn’t my type, I’ll be bored… or worse, lose my rhythm and send my arm accidentally sailing into the nose of some cute guy behind me.
Fortunately, this place was filled with so many beautiful people, that I was amused by aesthetics alone. Within minutes, some adorable Polish guy was handing me and my friend glasses of champagne. We danced. We laughed. We drank. It was a grand old time.
But the real glimpse into the highlife came the next morning as I was sipping on my venti cappuccino at my computer. Waiting for me in my inbox was an email from a certain Polish stallion. And what was in that email? A prepaid roundtrip ticket to Miami for the weekend (and a hotel room for my very own self!). How quickly I came to regard my hangover like a damn sweet souvenir from Pink Elephant’s luminous bar.
Alright, so you’re not guaranteed a free vacation when you go to uber-chic clubs like Pink Elephant, but what you are guaranteed is a greater likelihood for meeting someone really rich and really Polish. Cheers!

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