You Can Cook Me Dinner Anytime: Sexy Celebrity Chefs

It’s true. Men who can cook are hot no matter what. (Editor’s Note: It probably has something to do with that whole “wearing an apron but nothing else” fantasy…mmmm.) But when they’re actually sexy and willing to slave over a stove to cook me up a steak dinner (some sort of chocolate dessert doesn’t hurt either), they’ve automatically won my heart. Sometimes I just sit on my couch watching the Food Network and drooling. No, not because of the food. Because of the men.
Gourmet food and delicious men; what else could we ask for?
Do you need some new eye candy…that actually knows how to make candy? Check out these top 5 sexy celebrity chefs. So hot they boil water (sorry, I had to go there):
1) Bobby Flay- I actually think Bobby Flay is kind of an assh*le. I also think I might like assh*les just a little bit, because I have a serious thing for him. I love his extreme sense of self-confidence on Throwdown, where he smugly believes he can beat food masters around the country at their culinary specialties. I secretly root for him every time. And on Iron Chef America? Come on, not even a competition. The man is magic and he knows it; Bobby’s confidence causes him to ooze sexiness. Also, who doesn’t love a man behind a grill? I’ll take him medium rare. Rarrr.
2) Curtis Stone– Sometimes when I’m wandering through the grocery store, I fantasize that Curtis Stone will, all of the sudden, appear and beg to come home with me. He is the Take Home Chef on TLC after all. The Australian-born hottie seeks out women in grocery stores and then goes home with them and helps them cook dinner. Hi, dream come true. I’d force him to eat dinner with me and then put the house on lock-down so he had no way out: Curtis Stone, Live In Chef.
3) Dave LiebermanDave just looks like the kind of guy you’d want to marry. The kind of guy you want to come home to at night. He’d be chopping up some vegetables and would look up at you with his big blue eyes as you walk in the door. Ahem, anyway. Besides just standing in the kitchen being sexy, Dave has a show called Good Deal with Dave Lieberman, on which he makes pretty inexpensive and simple meals that all look extremely delicious and gourmet. A hottie who can cook on a budget (so you have more money to spend on other things)? How can a girl not love that?
4) Rocco DiSpirito– Holy hell, this man is hot. He’s almost too hot. I don’t quite believe that a man this hot can find his way around the kitchen. But apparently he can, as Rocco has several restaurants, shows, cookbooks, etc. He’s starting a new A&E show called Rocco to the Rescue, where he’ll be entering guests homes to teach them how to cook. The only thing better than having Rocco surprise me at home would be to have Rocco AND Curtis at the same time. They’d have to mix me a cold drink with dinner. And then we could get down to dessert….
5) Michael Chiarello- Michael’s got that sexy, older man appeal. I’d want to marry him only so we could plan glamorous dinner parties together. He makes everything look so easy and classy, hence the name of his show: Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello. I would love nothing more than to crack a bottle of wine (in my bed) with this gorgeous gourmet guru. Of course, he’s already got a wife and a whole slew of kids, but that doesn’t make a man with a picnic basket any less sexy.

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