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Perk Up, Flat Girls! You Can Be Sexy Too!


I’ve heard the woes from people with cup sizes that are hard to manage. I understand; nobody wants the back pain or the difficulty finding clothes that fit. I, on the other hand, am on the other end of the spectrum. I hit puberty early, was a head taller than everyone in my class for a while, but never got to enjoy the other benefits of those raging hormones. You know…like, breasts.

My mother continually assures me that I’m lucky. “Dresses fit you so well,” she tells me. That’s easy for her to say; I imagine most mothers, deep down, want to dress their daughters in conservative dresses that leave a lot to the imagination, but leave me looking like I’m wearing a sack on top.

Forget showing off cleavage; it’s pretty hard when you barely have cleavage. I don’t mind looking nice in the occasional baggy shirt for a job interview, but how is a flat-chested girl supposed to look Hott?

I worry about my appeal to guys more often than I should. To be crude, can any guy be passionately attracted to a girl if he can’t get a handful of her? The comments I’ve seen on this site have been encouraging, but still, it can be disheartening when I have to avoid strapless dresses purely because I can’t hold them up. There’s a lot of boob-fixation in the media these days, and magazines, movies and tv shows can be insidious. They can start convincing us that large breasts are all guys think about and desire in a woman.

My situation has forced me to get creative when it comes to sex appeal; that’s why I look for fashion inspiration in other decades.

For all you fellow A-cuppers out there, I recommend looking to an era of fashion when flat-chested girls were celebrated. Look to the twenties, when women were sexy, glamorous, and flat all at the same time! I look for plunging necklines, button-down shirts and dresses, and boatnecks to show off my wide shoulders. We flat girls may not be able to exude sex appeal, but we can look glamorous. I also recommend looking to the seventies for fashion inspiration. A fashion favorite of mine is Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. She made wearing ties and vests sexy; there’s something very classy and even sensual about the preppy/androgynous look.

So if you’re a flat girl like me, don’t get yourself down. Find things that flatter your shape, and enjoy the blessings of a flat existence: going braless with those dresses with the low backs, running down stairs pain-free, and not having much ground to cover during the monthly self-exam.

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