Is Prince Charming Just Not Good Enough?

When it comes down to love, I’m a picky jerk. Prince Charming can march his white horse right up to my doorstep with roses and I won’t answer the door because he’s not ‘challenging’ enough. Let me take a moment to recount the ‘problems’ with my most serious of lovers over the last few years.
Guy A didn’t pay enough attention to me.
Guy B paid too much attention to me.
Guy C wasn’t reliable enough but
Guy D just had his life way too planned out.
Guy E wasn’t smart enough while
Guy F wasn’t social enough.
And this is how it always works.
I know deep in my soul that if I ever wanted a relationship to really WORK, I’d have to stop expecting it to be perfect. I’d have to stop throwing in my cards whenever there’s an argument and I’d have to stop climbing up on my pedestal every time I’m offended by a guy.
And I think this is an issue that a lot of people deal with, especially women. It seems to me like guys don’t need too much from a girl to be satisfied. In fact, most of my guy friends would boil it down to: Not being a crazy b*tch, being good in bed, and…uh….not being a crazy b*tch. But for girls, I think it’s a whole different ball game.
He should be funny but not obnoxious, smart but not pretentious, strong but still sensitive, supportive but with his own life, sexy but not sex-oriented, loyal but not obsessive, stable but not predictable, outgoing but enjoy nights in…
Oh. Dear. God.
Is it just me or are we giving our guys way too much to live up to?
If you want a serious relationship, but you’re expecting your guy to hit the nail on the head with every single characteristic on your Prince Charming list – then I think you might be crazy. Because no one is perfect and that includes him and me..and you. That’s right; you are not perfect. If you are looking for something to hold onto for good, I’d suggest re-evaluating the criteria you’ve got. You may just be trapping yourself in single-land with you’re unreasonable standards.
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