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The Healthy and Tasty Alternative to Ice Cream


Everyone’s favorite summer snack is ice cream; its cold goodness sliding down your throat eases that sweet tooth every single time, am I right? The chunks of chocolate or swirls of caramel create an orgasmic explosion in your mouth. One problem with ice cream, though (like that frightening cup above!): it’s full of fat, sugar and calories (no lie – Chubby Hubby has 330 calories and 20 grams of fat…yikes!?!).

While it tastes amazing, adding those extra pounds on your thighs during bathing suit season is never a good thing. Here’s my low-fat, low-cal, highly-delicious alternative to ice cream.

You’ll need:

One Tub of Fat Free Cool Whip

One packet of Colored Sprinkles

One Gallon of Stonyfield Farm or Dannon Light & Fit Fat Free, Strawberry Yogurt

One Packet of Frozen Berries

One Pack of Red/Blue Plastic Cups (generic Beer Pong cups work perfect for this)

Glad Press ‘n’ Seal


In a large bowl, pour out all of the yogurt and cool whip, and stir it together to make a thicker mixture. Once combined, pour some frozen berries into the mixture (as desired). Then, spoon the concoction into plastic cups, filling about half to three quarters of the way full. Shake a small amount of sprinkles on top, cover with glad press and seal and stick in the freezer. Give it about 25 minutes, and you’ll have some of the most delicious, low-fat treats that taste like ice cream without all the pesky fat!Of course, if you don’t like Strawberry, any flavor yogurt works. If you’re not a fan of frozen fruit, throw whatever you want into the mix. Just remember, throwing in crumbled up Oreo’s (which are YUMMY!) will add to the calorie and fat in-take (although it’s still better than ice cream!).


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