I Love Money – Episode 3: Smoochy, Smoochy and a Whole Lotta Fake Boobs

Last night’s episode of I Love Money was filled with lots of excitement and some serious dramazzzzz (did I call that or what people?!).
The challenge consisted of picking partners – before everyone knew the challenge, of course – and sitting with them at little tables, where the host then informed the teams that they were in a kissing challenge; meaning, you had to kiss your partner and the longest maker-outers won for their team. It was all fun and games until Chance – admittedly homophobic – and his partner, Mr. Boston, realized they had to lock lips on national television.
Once again, Chance botched the challenge, losing the game for the Green Team. I know you’re part of the Stallionaires and everything buddy, and have your reputation to protect, but it was for a split second and then you could stop (each player had to just touch lips in order to not be disqualified and Chance wouldn’t even do that)…talk about a team player.
As the Captain and Team Challenge Winner, The Entertainer, who is now “dating” Destiny (dating, as in what??? The show’s been on how long???), got to choose three individuals to interrogate and then, choose which one to eliminate. Mr. Boston, Bikini-clad Megan and Heat (Destiny’s old flame) were on the chopping block.
While Mr. Boston came up with a scheme to pretend he was sick as a dog to save himself from going home, The Entertainer questioned Heat and Megan on their intentions, and ultimately, sent Heat packin’ since he was a threat to him for Destiny. And I mean, who wouldn’t be a threat to a 30-year-old pizza boy who lives in his parents basement.
Megan still continues to be a slutty, pain in the ass, in the house, causing problems between newly formed hook-up, Heather and Twelve Pack. Kiss her fake-boobs out already puhlease!
So far, the challenges have been lame, but the drama makes up for it. Next weeks’ episode looks explosive when White Boy and Mr. Boston go head to head.
[photo courtesy of vh1.com]

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