Candy Dish: Christian Bale is Innocent! Innocent, I Tell You!

Christian Bale was merely defending his wife? Awwwww!
Wanna work in politics? Just have an affair!
Sick of Facebook yet? Yeah, me either. But it just got even better.
Viagra may work for women?
Apparently, some dudes agreed that women in skinny jeans could not be raped because removing them would require consent? Yeah…took awhile, but that’s been reversed.
The Jo-Bros are probably pissing off a lot of Dallas homeowners right now….
Porta-Potty art! (Doesn’t make the smell go away, though.)
Earth-friendly junk mail? Hot granny panties? Declining gas prices? Impossible!
An old favorite to get you through the day. Weeeeeeeeeee!

12 Year Old Girl Makes Me Hate My Life
12 Year Old Girl Makes Me Hate My Life
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