The Pot That Refuses to Melt: Diversity in College

One of the great things about being in college is that you get to meet tons of people from many different nationalities and backgrounds (see: hot foreign exchange students). This is definitely a good experience for those who come from towns where the only color they see is the one of their own skin.
But the sad fact is, many students don’t take advantage of getting to know the diverse kinds of people occupying the same lecture hall or dorm as themselves. Instead, they choose to stick with people who resemble them because it’s what they’re comfortable with; which goes to show that colleges (and the United States as a whole) are not melting pots, but merely salads where different groups of people simply coexist without choosing to mingle with others.
It drives me insane!
As a kid I had friends who were every color under the rainbow, so I assumed that college would be no different. I imagined a vast body of people from places all over the country who intermingled with one another on a daily basis. When I arrived on campus however, it was like stepping into some type of reverse culture shock.
I should have known things wouldn’t be perfect at an institution where only 9% of undergrads identified themselves as Black or African American, but I still remained optimistic about living the “American Dream”. Just about everyone at my college was a resident of the state and usually hung out with people from their high school or hometown, making it challenging for a random black girl from Virginia to try and make friends.
After finally finding friends, I started to realize that others weren’t very happy about my abilities to see past color. Certain black girls that I befriended at the beginning of the year started to separate themselves from me after constantly spotting me on campus with a group of girls that did not share my skin color. One time, when I tried to introduce one of my black friends to a white roommate of mine, and she looked at my roommate as if she was harboring the plague! Needless to say our friendship didn’t last long.
I’m not implying that the world should be perfect and everyone should love and befriend one another, but would it kill people to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the diversity that this country is known for?!!

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