Plaid: Love Of My Life

I. Love. Plaid.

I don’t know what it is about that winsome pattern, but I can’t get enough.
I suspect it has something to do with the years I spent looking at fashion magazines with my mother. Every September, from the time I was 11 until I was 17, my mom would come home with a copy of the Seventeen: Back To School issue. And we devoured that sh*t.
And for some reason, every September without fail, that magazine would be busting at the seams with plaid. Plaid dresses, plaid shirts, plaid fricking socks–is plaid in every fall? The answer, my friends, is yes.
I don’t read Seventeen’s Back to School issue anymore (although my mother still does), but plaid don’t fade and neither do my love.
So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the creme of the crop of this season’s fall plaids. Pair with otherwise simple pieces, a smile, and a nostalgia that time will never defeat. Ahhhh. Plaid.

See? Plaid can be totally sexy.
The blue-and-black thing is totally in right now (after years of a ridiculous taboo) and the cut is so flattering. Plus the play on 90s grunge is just plain fun. Mmmm delicious little jacket.

An adorable tee-shirt play on plaid. Love it. Nice and casual and still on trend.

A nice subtle plaid in a wide-leg pant is perfect for work, internship, interview, or wherever else you need to look sophisticated and chic. Plus, gray is SO in this year. Pair these with pumps and a black top and you’re set for fall.

It’s kind of like Barbie requested a high-heeled plaid sneaker and they made it and it was PERFECTION. This cute little plaid shoe is comfortable and cheap. And fricking sweet. What else could you ask in a shoe?

…Unless, of course, you’re looking for a hotass plaid pump.
Oh my god, this shoe is so sexy I might have to change teams (to shoe) for it. DROOL. Hotttt.

Hot umbrella for cool autumn showers. Fuchia and black plaid are unflappable. I mean, look, you need an umbrella. Why not get a cute one?

This drapey dress can go cocktail party or it can go third date. Either way, it’s soft, comfortable, and simultaneously trendy and classic. This is the kind of dress you can wear for years for multiple special occasions. So freaking cute.
Plaid, anyone?

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