Top 5 Reasons I’m Pumped for ‘New York Goes to Hollywood’

Everyone’s favorite diva is back! The lovable Tiffany aka New York is back on Vh1 in New York Goes to Hollywood to claim the acting fame she truly deserves. In New York’s fifth Vh1 performance I know we will see her star qualities shine. Here are the top 5 reasons I’m excited to view the spectacle.
5. I can’t wait to pick up more style tips from NY. I can’t wait to again learn how to apply fake eye lashes and what to do when they fall off. I want to see the wonders of blue eye shadow when applied up to the brow line. I want to see NY strut her stuff in glitter and metallic. I want to hear New York talk about her weave. I love when she fusses over it when it’s windy. I love when she refuses to get in the water because it will be ruined. I love that New York is bringing the concerns of weave wearers into light for the rest of the world. We should all only hope to one day be as fierce as Miss. NY.
4. I know in this new show we will see the rise of a star. Not that NY isn’t already a star, but this time we will see her Hollywood acting abilities shine. What notorious producer/director wouldn’t want to cast a gem like NY? New York goes to Hollywood will certainly show us how versatile NY’s talents are. I know we have previously seen her appear on a role in Nip/Tuck but that was just the beginning. I for one know I will buy a ticket to anything NY stars in.
3. I am pumped for the return of Sister Patterson. I can only hope that she will be gracing the show with her presence and guidance. As NY’s mother and best friend, Sister P is a symbol for honesty and purity. As NY herself says “my mother is always right, even when she is wrong.” I can’t wait for Sister P’s brilliant remarks such as “This is not a romper room! So buck up and show me what you got!”
2. I enjoy NY’s open love of food. I think she is a role model for all young girls not to starve themselves and to eat what they want when they want to! NY has no problem pouring ranch dressing over any and all food items. If her dates for the evening disappoint her she will ask them to leave. But Miss. NY won’t leave with them; she will still sit at her table and finish her courses, and dessert. On top of all that NY knows how to be served, you certainly don’t see her getting food for herself.
1. I am on the edge of my seat regarding her relationship with Tailor Made! Sure T-Made is a bit of a bitch and definitely doesn’t wear the pants in the relationship, but that is what makes him the perfect wife for NY. What is wrong with a woman taking the reigns? NY shows us that not only is this acceptable but it is pretty luxurious.
While T-Made buys her Manolo Blahniks and waits on her hand and foot, NY is also a loving partner in this relationship and enjoys the little things about her man/wifey. She even loves his receding hairline!
I advise all of you to tune into the greatness that will ensue, Monday, August 4th at 10pm. I definitely foresee an Emmy.

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