Purple Haze: Fashion Goes A Shade of Violet

Purple is in right now. I first caught wind of this when my friend was bemoaning the fact that eggplant purple is trendy and that every girl who wears it looks like Barney. However, when we went shopping the next day she tried on a purple top and looked made her look more like Barbie than Barney. She broke down and fell for the color like a supermodel on a slippery runway.
I started seeing it more, especially when I went shopping with my boyfriend. “Shopping” as in we walked around looking at things we couldn’t afford. Purple everywhere! Purple Dior shoes, Armani dresses, Louis bags. Stupid college budget.
Purple is super trendy right now, and though it may be pink’s retarded cousin, it does looks pretty damn hot. So, here are some of the cutest purple finds for the fall, to be worn with feistiness.

I’m obsessed with this grandpa-sweater look. Cardigans are so classic and amping them up with bright plum coloring and cashmere is a definite win.

Not ready for the neon purple? Orchid is a softer purple and jersey dresses are flattering on any body type. Subtle for the office and breathable for bar dancing!

Must. Have. Now. Chloe’s Daytripper bag in purple. Droooool. Seriously I would wear this with anything, all day, everyday. Santa, are you listening?

On the more affordable end, Forever 21 has a cute fuchsia crochet number. So feisty! Perfect for a beach dress or throw a black cardigan on (preferably a grandpa sweater) and dress it up for class or work.

Empire waist is my fave, hides that summer ice cream tummy. Love, love, love the deep purple, it’s like a sexy eggplant!

Madeline gone fashionista! Alright, this is may be a little too much for most, but if you’re daring and can pull it off, snaps!
What do you chicas think about the purple trend? Barneylicious or fabulous?

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