Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Jessica Simpson and the Red Wrap Dress

Let’s face it, when you’re a college chic on a budget it’s hard enough to afford the actual fashion and celeb magazines (what are they these days $4.95?), let alone the glorious, “I will be poor for the rest of my life if I actually buy that” fashions that are inside.
It’s like that boy you love that you know has a girlfriend and yet you flirt with him anyways…a major tease that you knowingly setting yourself up for disappointment only to be left without the boy (or in this case, Jimmy Choo’s).
So what’s a girl on a major budget to do (aside from salivating all over this month’s Vogue)?
Consider me your new best friend (or personal shopper). Your own Rachel Zoe, if you will. Each week, I’ll take a new celeb or couture look and do all the leg work for you. I’ll find a similar style on a real girl’s budget. Now all you have to do is order it, throw it on and go.
This Week: Jessica Simpson’s Red Wrap Dress
Red Wrap Dress from Victoria’s Secret. A wrap dress is such a great wardrobe staple. This one is a little bit of a longer sleeve than the one Jessica is wearing, which is a great piece to take you from summer to fall. Wear it now with a wedge and in October with tights and a great boot… and if red isn’t your color, it comes in Black and Blue too!
Aviators from Urban Outfitters. Sure I’d love me a pair of Chloe Aviators, but you will be happy your glasses cost 1/100th of the price when you lose them at your welcome week bar crawl.
Bracelets- layer them, mix chunky and small, silver and gold, or find fun ones at vintage stores. Here are two great sets from Forever 21.

Necklaces– The key here is layering, so find one or two long and one short one with a cute pendant. I like putting something meaningful on my neck, like a locket or something of sentimental value.
A note on the earrings and 5 million rings: the one faux paux of this ‘fit is that it’s waaay over accessorized. Just cause you can afford to wear a lot of bling doesn’t mean it looks good…so pick and choose between accessories. Choose one or two great pieces to complete the outfit. When there is more than that, they lose their uniqueness and it ends up overpowering or cheapening the oufit.
Just because you didn’t pay your college tuition on your look, doesn’t mean it needs to look like it cost you any less than Ms. Simpsons.

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