Twilight: One Fantasy Phenomenon I Don’t Get

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a total dork. I obsess over TV shows, movies, books, and pretty much everything else you can obsess over. My poisons include graphic novels, Harry Potter, and everything Joss Whedon has ever made. I’ve got geek written all over me (especially when I wear my Gir t-shirt)
But the one hyped-up fantasy series I can’t understand is Twilight, the teen vampire romance by Stephenie Meyer. Well, since I haven’t actually read the books, it would be more accurate to say I just don’t get why my friends want to marry a pale, sunken-faced vampire by the name of Edward Cullen.
For the past few months, I’ve been receiving Facebook bumper stickers about it, the movie version of Twilight is slated for release in December (and already is generating an insane amount of buzz in the entertainment industry), and a library a couple of towns over from me is even hosting a freaking bridal shower for the two main characters when the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, is released on Saturday.
Now, Harry Potter release parties, I understand. I attended them – sans costume, though, because I wasn’t about to let my inner geek show to my friends and kinda-friends from school. And for those of you who claim Twilight is very similar to Harry Potter, I disagree. Harry Potter is this whole detailed universe that delves incredibly deep, and is allegorical in many respects. From what I’ve gathered about Twilight, the plot seems pretty simple: it’s a romance between a vampire and a human girl, like Romeo and Juliet with a fantasy twist.
But apparently, there’s something charming about this epic romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen that I’m not seeing. What’s so alluring about this vampire that makes him the next Mr. Darcy? Is it the pearly-white fangs? The fact that he’s been alive for over a century but still has the body of a 17 year old?
My guess is that Edward Cullen represents everything teenage girls want in a guy. He’s handsome, chivalrous, and loving, yet mysterious and broody in the way that drives girls mad. Edward and Bella’s story is an unconventional fairy tale romance, a far cry from the boring reality we’re stuck with day in and day out. I suppose I can see why girls like it simply as a form of escapism.
But as much as my friends beg me to read the books, I’m not all that interested. My idea of an epic romance is Elizabeth and Darcy, or even Noah and Allie. Vampires? I’ll pass. Wizards are so much sexier anyway.

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