Banana French Toast: Paula Dean Style

Sunday mornings…or should I say, Sunday afternoons. Even though the work or school week promises to take over your life in a few short hours, there is still time to relax, do nothing, and eat some badass brunch. Because unless you’re weird, there’s absolutely nothing better than brunch on a lazy weekend morning. I tend to eat enough at brunch to keep me away from meals until dinner — which is perhaps not the best policy — but once a week, I think it’s absolutely okay to take in a few extra calories.
You know who agrees with me? Paula Dean. You know, the lady with the best show on the Food Network, hands down? Paula cooks with enough butter to grease the entire state of New Hampshire, and never apologizes. I love her. I want to be like her when I grow up. Also, she has this recipe for scrumptious banana french toast. It’s not light, it’s not healthy, but I have made it before and it is worth every. single. carb.
Enjoy, my babies. And let us know if you make it…we want deets.

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