Candy Dish: The Teen Choice Awards Dominated by The JoBros

Apparently the Teen Choice Awards were on last night, or something? Yeah, we didn’t know either. But here are some people dressed up for it.
This is what $14 Million looks like. (Funny, I thought there would be more gold….)
Is my iPhone really killing me?
Thank God for CollegeCandy, especially now that our favorite magazine is folding.
People say my standards are too high, but would do date this man?
Sleeping in until noon is not bad; it makes you smarter!
Paris Hilton’s mama fights back against John McCain. Looks like the Repubs lost a little financing, eh?
Sexual harrassment is A-OK. In fact, it is necessary for the future of our species. Duh.
Please, Tyra. PLEASE. Don’t ruin this election for the rest of us.
Are you a nailbiter? Smoker? “Like” sayer? Quit that nasty habit overnight!
Don’t mess with Tracy Turnblatt. Fo real.

Has the Miley Cyrus-Hype Gone Too Far?
Has the Miley Cyrus-Hype Gone Too Far?
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