Anthrax Suspect Obsessed With Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

Do you know who Bruce Ivins is? Flashback to 2001, way too close to September 11th… remember the Anthrax scare that had this country freaking the f*ck out? Someone was mailing letters stuffed with actual anthrax to public figures, and not only were handlers of the letters getting sick, but people were actually dying from the shiz. Bruce Ivins, a 62-year-old Army biowarfare scientist who reportedly committed suicide Sunday, July 27th, was recently named by the FBI as the number one suspect of the Anthrax mailings.

So now that you know a little bit about Ivins, perhaps you’d be interested to find out that the man supposedly had a weird obsession with Princeton University’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Since the entire story is being heavily shrouded by the government (motivating some people to cry foul on Ivan’s link to the Anthrax letters), it’s not entirely clear how Ivins acted out his “obsession”, but a few reports indicate that Ivans was “rebuffed by a woman in the sorority” during his college days at Cincinnati University, and…I guess…never got over the burn?

Authorities could never quite figure out why the poisoned letters were mailed from mailboxes “about 100 yards away from where [Princeton’s] Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter stores its rush materials”, and so the theory goes that Ivans sent the letters from a mailbox that was 7 hours away from his lab in Frederick, MD because he knew the area so well…from his stalking habits, or something. I’m not sure.

I’m no conspiracy theorist…but it all sounds just the slightest bit odd. How does one man become obsessed with an entire sorority, but leave no evidence (creepy window stalking, emails, even drive-bys) of his obsession? And who knew enough about this obsession to tell the FBI? His wife? Did he discuss his desire to destroy Kappa Kappa Gamma over dinner? I don’t know, friends. Is there something about Kappa Kappa Gamma the rest of the world isn’t privy too?

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