The Whitest Dark Humor That You’ll Ever See

When my down-the-hall dorm buddy Allison told me to go google “Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros” and I came back five minutes or so later in utter hysterics, I knew I’d found a gem. I love me some Flight of the Concords, and if you’re here enough, I’m sure you know I’m not the only one. Still, if someone told me to pick my favorite Internet/TV comedy group, I wouldn’t pick FotC. They’re just not…white enough. Not like the Whitest Kids U’Know.

I stumbled on these guys a good few years back when friend linked me an old favorite, the Hitler Rap (more on that later). I was a fairly loyal fan for a while, checking new skits on their site and even once going to a cramped, out-of-the-way basement show in the city. With their Internet fame raising steadily but surely, it was inevitable that someone high up would trip over their acts and find them hilarious. So WKUK got their spot in the limelight, and they haven’t quite left it yet. They had their own show on Fuse for a while, but a lot of the sketches had to be censored, so they wandered over to IFC, where I believe they still are now.

No worries, though. If you don’t have cable, you can still see just about every WKUK video ever recorded on good ol’ Youtube. But what can you expect to see when you type this fairly questionable name into the search function? Well, suffice it to say that WKUK humor is not for the weak of heart… or easily offended.

Like I said, the Hilter Rap was my introduction to WKUK. It takes a lot to jar me, but I was a little wary of something with a title like that. The fact that the person who linked me to it was Jewish didn’t help much. Still, lines like, “What I bet y’all didn’t know is that I’m down with the Jews/ The gypsies, homosexuals, and retards too/ Cuz I stopped burnin’ people, started burnin’ CD’s/ Stopped battling the world, started battlin’ MC’s” never fail to make me giggle (and sing along). Trevor, the head of this controversial-at-best group, sings in quite a few of his skits, covering topics that no one’s comfortable talking about like date rape, homosexuality, and…getting high with dinosaurs?

Trevor’s greatest hits aside, most WKUK skits are verbal. While some are just silly, the best ones seem to be on the worst topics. One of my favorites is about a guy with Attention Deficit Disorder – you have to watch it to appreciate it – and another great one is actually centered on just how unsavory their comedy can be.

I could list off favorites from now until doomsday (or until I run out of skits, whichever came first). Still, what’s funny about WKUK is their unabashed determination to poke fun at things that make a lot of people squirm. And while life can be rather serious, it certainly doesn’t always have to be. Sure, the Whitest Kids U Know aren’t for everybody. In fact, they’re probably not for most. But if you can handle them, give the Kids a chance. You’ll thank me for it.

(You’re welcome, Internet.)

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