Finally, A Cure For Partying

From frat parties to late nights at the bar, power hours to beer pong tournaments, living the college lifestyle can really take it’s toll on your body. Hangovers are a bitch, you can feel your pants getting snug and all those unidentified bruises really don’t go with your collection of sundresses.
And don’t forget about your face.
Those dark circles under your eyes. The wrinkles from all that smoking (first or secondhand!).
Ugh. Partying is not a pretty thing. But what are you supposed to do….stop? Ha! You are no quitter, sister. What is the point of having a pretty face if you can’t take it out on the town? On the other hand, though, if your face is heading downhill now imagine what it is gonna look like in 20 years!
What to do, what to do….

How about Botox
? This needle full of poison isn’t just for old ladies from Orange County anymore! Now you can have it too! It is all the rage in Ibiza (where partying/sun bathing is the key to life) where women are pumping their faces full of the stuff to ward off the evils from partying.

“When I tell people I’m 25, they never believe me. It’s amazing considering the kind of lifestyle I lead. It’s non-stop partying from the moment I get off the plane, and I usually come to Ibiza at least twice a year. This means a fortnight of drinking a lot and getting hardly any sleep.”

Now that is some serious dedication. I applaud you, women. Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams!

Candy Dish: Cindy Just Won’t QUIT
Candy Dish: Cindy Just Won’t QUIT
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