Do You Care What I’m Wearing? I Didn’t Think So…

As if we weren’t oversharing enough these days, the interwebs have taken it one step further.
Yes, ladies, in addition to showing everyone how well you can shotgun a beer, who you took to that last date party and what you are doing at every. possible. second., now you can tell everyone what you are wearing too!, “your online fashion closet,” is a new site where you can show the world everything in your closet! Because we care! Because I sit at my computer wondering just what some random girl in California (with a much larger budget than me, I might add) is wearing to the beach on Sunday. Because I need to see a collection of photos of girls in giant sunglasses.
The main premise of the site is to “build” your online wardrobe, but I just don’t get it. You are not even building it with real things. It would be one thing to add photographs of the stuff you actually own, but this site just has you choose from random icons to throw in your fake closet. Like Louboutins and Prada slides.
Then, your friends are supposed to help you create an outfit. With icons! WTF? This is like the Sims meets Neiman Marcus.
The whole idea of a virtual closet was super awesome when Cher had it in Clueless, but this just doesn’t seem to cut it. I mean, the best part of her closet were the rotating racks and the fact that she actually owned all of those clothes…not the fact that her stuff was loaded into the computer.

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