Living at Home in College: The Road Less Traveled

I am the biggest. idiot. ever. Why? Because I will be spending one dreaded semester at home. That’s right, I gave up my freedom so that I could come home to spend a little extra time with the ‘rents. No, I’m not one of those people who can’t bear to spend time away from my parents, I just made a couple of mistakes…well, let’s call them choices
Rewind to the end of senior year when a certain girl was debating between College A and College B. College A is the largest school in North Carolina, is very serious about their sports program (which means tons of fans to party with, plus I love college football) and just happens to be an hour from my boyfriend. College B is a smaller but well-known school located right in the middle of a booming city not to far from my home in Virginia that also happens to house an insane Arts/Fashion program.
Of course, naive senior Amber picked College A so she could get a degree in Fashion but still tailgate, party like crazy and spend time with her beau.
One cringe-worthy break up, one failed class, dozens of racial/socioeconomic clashes and too many drunken nights later I decided that it was time to transfer. My decision was a good one, but was made too late; by the time I submitted my application to another school (College C, I guess), it was impossible to receive housing and a decent financial aid package. Then I remembered good ol’ College B with the awesome Fashion program and decided going there was worth spending one semester at a sh*tty community college while having to obey Mom and Pop’s rules.
Some of you may have decided (or been forced) to stay at home too, or maybe I’m just hoping I’m not the only one that gets upset when I see those back to school commercials with all the cute dorm furniture and kids running through campus. Either way, there are pros and cons to movin’ back in with the rents and I know all about them:
-Saving money.
At College A my room and board was about $6,000, not to mention all the sh*t i had to buy for my dorm and all the meals I wasted on my dining plan by not using them. Do you know what I could have done with that $6,000?!!
-Free (and good) meals. Mom’s baked macaroni and cheese? Dad’s fried turkey? ‘Nuff said.
-No roomate(s)/hallmates. No waking up to hearing some random drunk guy singing the fight song in front of your door. Naked.
-Spending time with the family. Sure I wasn’t very homesick at school, but I still missed my movie dates with mom and watching WWE with my dad, not to mention shopping trips with my sister.
-Lack of privacy
. At College A I went out around 11 to party and came back around 5 or 6. Now I’m subjected to numerous questions about my whereabouts even if I’m just running to 7-11 for a slurpie.
-No more (heavy) partying. No more Thirsty Thursdays. No more late night beer runs. The one time I did drink while I’ve been home I was so afraid of coming home drunk that I drank about a quarter of what I usually consume. And left the party by 10.
-No more dorm fun. To make up for all the crappiness of dorm life, my friends and I would come up with all sorts of crazy things to do. Now I sit around and watch old episodes of Family Feud . Fun.
-Boys? What Boys? With the exception of myself, everyone in my neighborhood is either really old or really young, meaning NO eye candy whatsoever.
Deep down I know I really need this time to rethink my goals in life and get my priorities together, but I’m sure the next couple of months are going to be gruesome. Expect a full report at the end of the semester

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