Delia’s and Alloy…Not Cool in College?

(Note: This pic is from a very old Alloy catalog. One I probably owned and worshiped. Please know that all current catalogs have much cuter clothes.)
I’ll never forget my first Delia’s and Alloy catalog spotting.
My then BFF Shanae pulled them out during our 6th grade Social Studies class as our teacher rambled on about the meaning of Thanksgiving. I was immediately drawn to the glossy catalog of teens wearing bell bottoms and midriff baring tops that my friends and I were dying to get into.
Since that day I’ve a been faithful catalog subscriber to both and will probably remain one until I have kids and start to rethink my hatred against these.
As an avid Delia’s and Alloy shopper, I’m shocked by the large number of college girls that don’t buy from them. Where most of the college girls I know either shop at Bloomingdales or Plato’s Closet, Delia’s and Alloy serve as a happy medium. They both sell quality clothing and each host an awesome online clearance bin (I just bought a $100 dollar fire red peacoat from Delia’s for 40 bucks!).
With so many chic, sexy and comfy options, I don’t understand how college girls aren’t causing mayhem at their local Delia’s store, instead letting all the high schoolers get more bang for their buck. Here I’ve compiled some favorites of mine that are perfect for the college coed.

From Delia’s:

Blowfish Segment Flat– $49.50

Morgan Low Rise Skinny– $39.50 to $44.50
(Bonus! Their jeans also happen to be buy one pair, get a second pair half off!!)



From Alloy


Shelly Tote– $39.50



Turtleneck Sweater Dress– $39.50 to $41.50




Happy Shopping! And trust me, it will be. There is so much more cute stuff busting out of these catalogs that you won’t be able to stop! You can request their catalogs here and here.

Are there any brands/stores that you feel aren’t receiving enough recognition from college girls? What’s your best kept shopping secret? Share it, sister. SHARE IT!

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Tonight: Shoot the Sh*t with CC!
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