Bravo is Highly Underrated

I have a terrible love for reality television… but for some reason, Bravo’s is the best. Naturally Project Runway would be the initial draw, but after wasting many a weekend and weeknight hour in front of my TV, I’ve compiled a list of other reasons to tune in. Plus the fact that Heidi Klum is too much pretty contained in one person tends to depress me. In no particular order, here are some favorites:
Shear Genius–Former Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith is the host of this competition among hairstylists. Would’ve been much more fitting with Farrah, you know, the one with the memorable hair, but apparently she’s booked or something. Anyway, the show’s ADDICTIVE. Thing marathon-worthy. The stylists are all fabulous in their own way, and their cattiness is delicious to watch. Some of the endearing ones are great though as well, you have to have an underdog to root for. They do haircuts in random locations, have awesome guests like ohhh I don’t know, Oscar Blandi? Who maybe I would kill to have ever touch my hair? Yeah. Him. Anyway, it’s fabulous and will inspire greatness.
Million Dollar Listing–Real estate actually got interesting. This season we’ve got three of the younger, most successful young men in the biz out in LA, which I ordinarily hate on principle as a New Yorker in training. But damn. The upcoming season preview got me all sorts of excited… one of these agents is 21 and sold $80 million in real estate last year. Even if his commision is only 5%, which you KNOW it’s a hell of a lot more than that…. Damn. Makes me want to change career paths… and buy a house. On the ocean.
Flipping Out–Chris K. is abso.lutely. nuts. I’m so grateful to have a nice, normal boss after ten minutes of his antics. But it’s fascinating to see how scary Type A personalities can be. Also, how quickly he goes through assistants: a direct quote on an interview, I kid you not, was the question: “Do you have to go to the bathroom a lot?” Yeah… sign me on to work with THAT guy.
Top Chef–Isn’t this self explanatory? Competition, food, cattiness… all great things. The only sad part is that you don’t get to sample any of the deliciousness.
Date My Ex: Jo and Slade–Oh it’s so terrible on so many levels. Multi-millionaire Slade is helping (fund?) his ex start her music career (pause for head shaking in disbelief and laughter), The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Jo, and get her laid all at once. It’s strangely charitable and a bit like a train wreck, you’d love to look away but just can’t. Plus how can you not enjoy a show where the main characters sound like they’ve been taken straight from a trashy romance novel? What guy is really named Slade? Really?
What are your Bravo faves? Tell us if we forgot any!

“Conniving Bitches Hurt Our Eyes” — I Love Money, Episode 6
“Conniving Bitches Hurt Our Eyes” — I Love Money, Episode 6
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