Deep Fried Watermelon: The Dessert of Champions

Um, I’m really not into the Olympics. Sorry.
Yeah, I get it, nations get together and compete to show that their differences aren’t all that big after all, blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is, sports has never brought nations together. Maybe they can put their differences aside for a few minutes for the sake of the cameras (and to try for that gold medal), but the moment they leave the venue, the world is back to the way it was.
But, hey, I do like dessert. So, to honor the Beijing Olympics in the only way I know how, I propose a making delicious Chinese dessert: deep fried watermelon. Yes, it’s fried, but, hey, at least it’s fruit!
Happy sporting!
What You’ll Need
1 10 pound watermelon
2 beaten egg whites
11 tablespoons of flour
7 tablespoons of cornstarch
3 cups of vegetable oil
How To Do It
(1) Slice the watermelon in half.
(2) Scoop the pulp out and remove all seeds.
(3) Carefully cut the pulp into the shapes of your choice. (Each one will be a serving.)
(4) Coat the shapes with flour.
(5) In a bowl, mix the cornstarch, the egg whites, and a splash of water. This is the batter.
(6) Heat the oil until it’s about 250 degrees F. Be very careful!!!
(7) Dip each watermelon piece into the batter and then carefully place each piece into the boiling oil.
(8) Let it fry until the coating of the watermelon is firm. Then turn the heat off and deep fry until the watermelon coating is a light brown color.
(9) CAREFULLY drain the watermelon.
(10) Sprinkle it with sugar, let cool, and enjoy!

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