Olympic Style – Straight Out of Beijing

It is pretty obvious that we are obsessed with the Olympics around here. We love the sports, we love the politics and, obviously, we love the men.

Hell, we’d probably even wear those U.S.A. themed Speedo’s if we could get our hands on them (or squeeze our butts into them). But, alas, that is not going to happen. Which is fine because it’s not like we actually want to participate in any events – cuz we got no skills – we just want to show our support.

Yeah, we could probably hang an American flag over our beds or sing the National Anthem at every chance we got, but that’s so boring. We wanna support the U.S. in style, baby. So let’s give a big thanks to our pal Ralph Lauren for creating this awesome Olympic collection.

After designing the outfits worn by the athletes during the Opening Ceremonies, Mr. Polo decided to take his American pride one step further and give the rest of us somethin’ to rock.

Lord knows I love me some popped collars and now I can feel like the athletes without actually having to give up the cookies or run 5,000 laps around a track. Some of it is a bit cheesy, but the rest is chic, wearable and an awesome way to commemorate the occassion.

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