Plus Sized and Fabulous (Even When Your Wallet Isn’t)

When I was a plus sized beauty my biggest gripe was that there was never anywhere to go shopping. I was a size 18-20W and I felt horrible in just about everything I owned. It seemed the only stuff I could find in my limited price range made me look like a sack of potatoes. Nothing was ever flattering. Nothing ever quite right.

I don’t want anyone else to have to live like that. Looking fabulous is everyone’s right no matter what size! So here are some shops (online and at the mall) to visit to find that inner-whatever-your-personal-style diva.

Remember ladies: Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Just because you can’t find a top to those jeans at that store doesn’t mean there’s not one for you at the next. And if it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, it’s not worth buying.

1) Lane Brynt

Yeah, this is a no brainer. I didn’t start this list off with Lane Bryant because it’s the most fab place, but because it does have something that every girl needs. A good bra. Vicky’s (Victoria Secret) can get kind of pricy for us larger busted ladies and I found that LB had a good quality product for an excellent price. But don’t discount them too quickly. They have some cute separates and are a good place to get old standbys (i.e., black pants, solid colored tees, dresses) to outfit your wardrobe. The prices are a little more on the high end but the clothes are well made and well worth it.

2) Macys

Believe or not they have a really good selection of very cute things for plus sized girls. It’s not all your mama’s clothes. I personally only shop the clearance racks at Macys. They have some excellent deals. You can get plenty of items to augment your look from here as long as you buy off season. For example, swimsuits are super cheap right now. Getting ready for next summer, anyone?

3) Mechanical Bunny

The internet is a place full of wonder and majesty. And also clothes. So for our more punky/goth/just alternative ladies out there (of which I am clearly one!) Mechanical Bunny has what you’re looking for. Their stock is rather small but it does have diversity. They also add new items constantly, so check back often to see what they’ve put up.

4) Torrid

Their stock is awesome! Little school-girl skirts, drop dead sexy dresses, sultry shirts and tops. And the clothing quality is good, as well. They have a different sizing system (instead of 18, 20 it’s 1, 2, 3) but there is a comparison chart on their site. There’s a range of prices, but it’s all still pretty reasonable.

5) Dots

This is a chain store that carries plus sizes as well as junior miss. The clothes aren’t the best quality, but they’re cute and cheap. It also caters to a variety of styles, so it’s a sure shot that you’ll find something you like there if you dig. There’s no online shop so you’ll have to look for a location near you. Well worth it; a little bit of cash goes a long way there.

6) Fashion Bug

This is another chain store. Same do as Dots for the most part, just a little more well-known. The store is stocked with very cute things and has a little more to offer if you are looking for more professional attire. You will have to pick through some ugly stuff, but the deals you will find are well worth the time.

7) Target

Probably the easiest place to shop. It’s darn near everywhere, including the web! The clothes are super cute and nicely priced. Once again, STALK the clearance rack! Tons of styles for work and play. The clothes are of pretty good make and everything is reasonably priced. A great stop no matter what your style is!

So I hope this little list helps you out. There are a ton of other places to go to as well. Old Navy, Forman Mills, not to mention the slew of little boutiques that can be found all over the place if you look hard enough. Chime in if you have any other goodies!

Happy shopping, lovelies!

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