The BEST Places to Man-Hunt.

Men. Boys. Dudes. We love them, we hate them, we’re better off without them, and we are ALWAYS looking for them. We all know it’s hard to meet a quality man (and we all know the men we don’t want). So what do you do when you’ve exhausted your typical go-to options? Here you have it gals:

The 5 BEST places to meet men (According to ME!)

Sporting event– Let’s face it, most men love sports. Men also love women who love sports… and women who wear baseball hats (trust me on this one). And being in a college town, there is no shortage of men or sporting events. So grab a baseball hat and head to the B-ball game!

In line for The Dark Knight (or insert other highly anticipated dude-flick here). Think about how many hours YOU waited in line for the Sex and the City movie, surrounded by all that estrogen (which confused your body so much that you got your period, TWICE). How happy would you have been if there was some man-candy there (gay or dragged along by his girlfriend clearly doesn’t count). Now reverse the sitch. 100 dudes, 1 chick. And a chick who is also waiting to see Batman (in a baseball hat)?! Done aaaand done.

Class: We all have that cute boy in class. The one who comes looking like a disheveled mess who was out partying all night – on a Monday – but is actually smart and eloquent and totally into today’s discussion (but not in the teacher suck-up sort of way). Class is a great time to actually get to know someone – because, lets face it- if you would have met him last night at the bar, chances are nothing would have come of it. So suggest a study date!

Dorm: Living in the dorm is like being at glorified summer camp only better, longer, and includes booze. The best part? You don’t have to bunkhop with a flashlight in the middle of the night to go see your crush.

Vacation: This is PRIME time to meet someone, ladies. Everyone is on the prowl on vacay and it doesn’t hurt that everyone is all about margaritas on vacation too. So take advantage. I can’t tell you how many relationship/marriage stories I know of people who met while on vacation.

So that completes my running list of best places to man hunt. Now ladies, we all could use some help on this one… share below! I’ll see you in line for Star Wars in a few weeks…

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