Candy Dish: Julia Child… a Pie Baking Spy!

Julia Child: kitchen goddess and…spy?!
The U.S. is gonna look a lot different…and soon.
Women are taking over the world one random competition at a time.
Who knew college debates could be so exciting?!
Fake boobs on a 14 year old? Only in the Lohan house…
Whenever we are feeling down, we like to remind ourselves how much we have going for us. Like brains.
Put an end to world hunger…with dead rats?
Thank your lucky stars that this girl is not your roommate.
Help this man achieve his lifelong dream!
Universities join the Green movement. Is your school Green?
Looks like Michael Phelps and I are on the same diet.
A daily dose of Olympic Eye Candy
Get ready for Fall fashion with Target’s newest Go! International line.

Shopping – Only the Strong Survive
Shopping – Only the Strong Survive
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