Hey Perez: Leave Miley Alone and Grow The Hell Up.

Hey Perez Hilton,

I’ve got a few words to exchange with you. First, let me just say this: your blog is cute. It’s really adorable that you draw things like…cum…dripping from the mouths of celebrities with your Paint program.

You’re really good at stirring up drama and, hell, that’s your job, right? Therefore, you’re good at your job.

But lets step out of your job for just ONE SECOND, and talk about protocol for being a decent human being. Amongst many other things, this includes NOT calling 15 year olds SLUTS.

Your most recent rants against Miley Cyrus are not only silly, they’re f*cking WRONG. You’re a full grown man now, Mario. I’m calling you by your real name because this is a real topic that exists outside of your blog.

Even though it’s your job to make fun of people and draw farts coming from their asses or whatever, you really need to leave Miley alone. She’s still a child. Calling her a “F*cking Liar” because she admitted she was hurt over her break up with Nick Jonas is out of line.

Who knew that a 15 year old pop star could be more mature than a 30 year old celebrity blogger? Seriously, that is just pathetic. It is really easy to act all tough and cool when you are hiding behind your computer, but we all know what happens when the tables are turned and people are picking on you.

Grow the hell up, dude.

Pick on as*holes your own size.

[Photo courtesy of douchey perezhilton.com]

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