Scones of Many Flavors

I like to have some kind of baked good in the morning along with my cup of coffee, and honestly, there is nothing better than a scone to serve that purpose. Muffins are nice, but they’re too sweet (and often they are also the size of a man’s head). Biscotti go fabulously with coffee, but inevitably disintegrate into crumbs whenever I attempt to eat them.

But scones… aahhh. They’re just so close to perfect. Also, you can freeze them and just pop one out whenever you want to eat it—beautiful!

So I was rooting around for a great scone recipe this weekend, and I unearthed this monster on the mother of all recipe sites, the (aptly named) All Recipes. I will announce this publicly: I will never search for another scone recipe again. These are SO AMAZING!

To make a flawless recipe even better, they are also customizable. Yeah, that’s right. The recipe lists raisins as an optional ingredient, so if you don’t want raisin scones, you can basically throw whatever you do want right in the batter and mix it up.

I made cranberry-walnut scones, but the possibilities are endless. Chocolate-chip scones? Okay! Orange-lemon scones? Yes! Irish coffee scones? Well… I’m not quite that ambitious, but go for it and let me know how it turns out.

A trick to getting great scones is to mold the batter into a solid rectangle that you can then paint with buttermilk/cream and sugar and slice into small triangles:

So don’t scoop out hunks of batter and shape your scones individually—you’ll waste loads of time, and your batch of scones will end up all kinds of bizarre shapes.

A few more tips on this recipe that are valuable:

• Do NOT believe the serving size! I made 2/3 of the recipe, cut out smallish (but not miniature) scones, and ended up with 24 of them. It might make 12 scones, but they will be enormous, so scale back if you need to.

• I was running out of sour cream, so I subbed half the sour cream with buttermilk. Turned out fine.

• I had to cook mine for 30-35 minutes instead of the recommended 12-15 before they turned golden brown on top (quirk of the oven, perhaps?).

• Beware that these will expand in the oven. They won’t puff up very much, but they will spread to the sides, so place them at least an inch and a half apart from each other.

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