“America’s Next Top Model” Keeps Chugging Along

America’s Next Top Model is coming back for its 74th season!!
Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit as Tyra ramps up for cycle 11. But there have been so many seasons that my beloved Fug Girls have chosen an all-star cast because the show seems to be less about modeling and more about being fierce and Tyra’s bowls of crazy and Miss J’s hair.
So where are these top models anyway? Adrianne Curry married a Brady. I see Jaslene Gonzalez on gossip sites where bloggers forever criticize her gaunt frame. I think that I’ve seen Danielle Evans in an ad or two. Karl Lagerfield, while obnoxious, is right – the show is never going to turn out the world’s next supermodel. If the show didn’t turn out ten supers before this, why keep it up?
Tyra, I beg you to stop after this cycle. Unless you can turn out another Jade for me or clone Nigel Barker for my bedroom, I’m worn out.

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Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Purples! Plums! Paradise!
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