Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Purples! Plums! Paradise!

If I had to choose what I love most about this season’s fashions (and choosing one is no easy feat) it’s that purple is THE color to wear. From shoes to bags to dresses and jackets – shades of purple are popping up EVERYWHERE.
You can’t go wrong: neon, plum, eggplant. Deep shades of purple are h.o.t.
“But I will look more like a vegetable and less like a cute trendy person,” you say aloud as you hold up an amazing purple frock. To which I say: NOT SO! Add some black patent accessories, or a fun accent color and you are good to go!
Here are three chicks rockin the neon purple ensemble, but, as usual, the prices of these fabu garments are well out of our reach.
That’s where I come in! Your fashion researcher. Your best friend, the coolest person you “know” to bring you celebrity chic on the cheap: Purple Paradise.
Body hugging purple dress: Welcome week is coming up ladies! And nothing makes an entrance like a sexy, BRIGHT purple dress. These dresses are PERFECT for the “Bend and Snap.”
Black Patent Belt: Forever 21 has the greatest belts for the greatest prices. And for only $8.80, you too can have a defined waist line!
Black clutch from Target. Completes the look and is so freakin cute without being too “cutsey.” Added bonus: It may be small but its shape guarantees enough room for all your stuff!
Black patent peep-toe pumps– while I am a bit concerned at the comfort level of these $20 bad boys, they are just oh-so-adorable. Not to mention how much it sucks to have a good pair of shoes ruined at the bar. So, even if they aren’t as comfy as those slippers, no cat fight will breakout when your roommate drops her late night pizza on them…
Now go rock those purples, Ladies!

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