Like Yourself? Then Never Watch ‘High School Musical: Get In the Picture’

You may not have seen this show. In fact, I hope -- for your soul's sake -- that you haven't. But if, like me, you were watching the Olympics last night and just happened to change the channel to ABC, I'm sorry for what your eyes had to see:

Teenagers overacting while singing tired pop songs. Teenagers being pushed to overact while singing tired pop songs by adult "teachers" who seem to want nothing more than to prey on the naivete of theater kids from Milwaukee (or wherever they're from). Teenagers selling their soul to sing in a music video that will be shown during the credits of High School Musical 3. Nick Lachey. Teenagers being forced to "connect" with each other in ways that will surely get them beat up and ostracized when they get back to real high school. Did I mention pop songs that make me want to hurl? What about Nick Lachey, did I talk about him and how it's like what the f*ck is he doing on my TV?!

High School Musical: Get In The Picture is disgusting by anyone's standards. Are these kids talented? Sure. But wasting that raw talent by forcing them to turn inane lyrics into some kind of heartache or life moment is stupid. So is encouraging them to act like Vanessa Hudgens.

So, if you value the contents of your stomach and the opinion you may already have of theater kids, stay the eff away from this reality show. On the other hand, if you enjoy Nick Lachey's wax-like interpretation of talking, as well as hearing "Bleeding Love" for the 9849th time turned into a duet and shoved into a weird scene about...what? Preppy guy meets 80's-clad girl?, then by all means, TiVo this sh*t.

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