Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Your Last Week At Home

School is approaching, and as returning sophomores, juniors and seniors, many already know what that means. But you incoming freshmen, giddy with excitement, you probably can’t stop thinking about what adventures there are to be had on the quad, throwing Frisbees and crap. You probably don’t know what to do with yourselves during your last week in your ‘stupid, boring town.’

Let me help.

I don’t want to make college sound like incarceration, and indeed the possibilities for fun are numerous, but there many things that definitely will not happen once you arrive on campus. Here are things you should enjoy in your last week at home.

1) Quiet Time

College is noisy as balls. Normal dorms are noisy, quiet dorms are noisy, the library is noisy. The only guaranteed silence you may have at your disposal is if you’re a music student with access to sound proof booths. Everyone has speakers and they all want to share their music with you! So in your last week of boring old home, just sit outside (or in your room if outside is noisy), close your eyes, and enjoy the sound of absolutely nothing. It is soon to be replaced with ‘WOOOOOO’ and “seriously let me in I need to PEE.”

2) Food without chemicals

I would say ‘good old home cookin’ but who knows if you enjoy that. The real point here is that the food you eat on campus, while edible and in a lot of cases yummy, has a certain…difference. I don’t know if it’s a laxative, or sedative to keep students in line, but something is in the food. It’s not dangerous but it will make you take dumps 20 minutes after every meal, on the dot. The regularity is nice, but also a little worrisome.

3) Free laundry / Maid service

Your mommy ain’t comin’ with ya. So get all that free laundry and labor in while you can, because in a week you will learn exactly how much your parents do for you. (Hint, it’s a lot). Enjoy walking barefoot on carpet without having your foot caked in human hair, cookie crumbs, and other various and disgusting particles.

4) Uninterrupted sleep

“HEY ARE YOU AWAKE?” Your drunken roommate will scream as they ‘sneak’ into your shared room. “I AM DRUNK.” You will have plenty of chances to sleep in at college but sleeping for long periods without being woken up by spontaneous parties or even worse, the drunk hookup (where they think, in their drunkenness, that you are asleep), is not really an option.

5) Sharing is caring

Living with people means sharing. Hell, even if you get a single, chances are you’re going to be sharing a bathroom, a common room and general living spaces with all types of different people. Enjoy watching your own TV, having your own fridge (sort of), and not being asked every time you leave your room if someone can borrow your stapler, use your printer, or have some pens.

[How are YOU spending your last week of peace?]

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