When Crazy Girls Attack…AGAIN!

A few weeks back, I shared a story involving me, my boyfriend and one crazy bitch. The girl refused to leave my boyfriend alone and I thought that having my boyfriend tell her to back off, then me, very forcefully, telling her to back off, would’ve been enough. Not so, people.

She didn’t get the not-so-subtle hint.

This biotch, who I’ve dubbed “Rachel” has struck again and this time, I am unsure of my next move. If telling someone to leave you alone doesn’t do the trick, what will?!

So, I am enlisting the help of my fellow CC-ers to steer me in the right direction. Below are some plans of action that I am considering. I need your unbiased opinions to help me make the right next move and get rid this crazy girl once and for all.

I could confront her, again. This time, face to face, in public, so she has no way of hiding behind her phone or computer and her naïve little, “I’m too good for everyone” façade will be shattered into a million little pieces.

Pros: I could crack her. When I am mean and mad, I can be very intimidating. Nothing would be nicer than watching her crumble in front of my eyes, after she has worked so very hard to ruin my relationship.

Cons: I could crack. I’m real tough, but my rough hide can only last so long and the possibility of getting emotional is realistic. That and, I could snap and start kicking her butt.

I could call her boyfriend. Yeah, I have his number. Stored in my phone. In case of an emergency.

Pros: This guy deserves to know the type of girl he is really dating. While he’s falling in love with her and planning a future, she’s out screwing every Tom, Dick and Harry she meets. Also, this phone call would be the ultimate revenge. Mwahahahah.

Cons: If he dumps her, she would be single. Major dilemma in my mind. Nothing would be worse than a single “Rachel” that can’t let go of my man. Also, that could involve both my boyfriend and I, which could open a big can of worms for us.

I could set her up. This has worked in movies millions of times. I would just have to find someone who will help me catch her in the act cheating. Then, blackmail her and make sure she knows not to mess with me again.

Pros: It’d probably shut her up.

Cons: I got the idea from a movie. Might not work so well in the real world.

I could do nothing. I could shut up, get over it and realize that he’s with me because he loves me and whatever she’s doing is her own way of getting to me.

Pros: It will show her that she isn’t winning, that I am above her crap and that my relationship is stronger than her. By not sinking to her level, I’m stepping out and saying, you don’t phase me, something she clearly wants to be doing.

Cons: It may continue. She will continue to get away with meddling in my life and continue to cheat on her unsuspecting boyfriend. Oh, and I won’t get the chance to shove it in her face. How is that fair?

Tips? Ideas? Number for a hit-man?

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