Eye Candy: Fall 2008 Eyeglass Trends

Save your money and forget Lasik! Glasses are now so chic that those who originally considered themselves “blessed” with perfect vision drool over their blind companions’ stylish eyewear. If you want to embrace this trend but unfortunately have no prescription for glasses, don’t worry! You can destroy your eyesight simply by staring directly at the sun for ten minutes each day.
Ok, so I’m just kidding. But if you wish you could wear glasses, wish no more. This fall, fake reading glasses are all the rage. The Michael Kors fall 2008 runway collection featured several faux eyeglass wearing models who looked HOT (as in sexy librarian hot). Glasses were also spotted in several other runway shows, including Betsey Johnson and Carmen Marc Valvo.
If you’re going to purchase a pair of glasses (fake or prescription), it is important to find the right shape and color for your face. Generally, you should buy glasses with a shape in contrast to that of your face. If you don’t know what your face shape is, or what shape glasses would flatter your face, click here for a simple guide.
After you’ve figured out what shapes work for you, here are the top five eyeglass trends for fall. Hurry up and buy them before classes start. You want to look smart and studious when you meet your new professors!

1. Thick, plastic, 70’s inspired rims – the ultimate geek chic look. This pair is Versace.



2. Fun colors! – buy several frames, coordinate them with your outfits! My Jill Stuart glasses are pink and actually look amazing when I’m wearing something pink with them. Red frames, as seen on this pair of D&G glasses, are going to be huge this year.



3. Fun and crazy shapes – try angular shapes or go really wacky with heart shaped glasses if you really want to make a statement like Nicole Richie in this picture.

4. Completely round frames – also known as “John Lennon glasses” are particularly trendy this fall. Betsey Johnson has a pretty good selection of round sunglasses, but for regular eyeglass frames Ralph Lauren is a good choice.

5. Cute details – like rhinestones or metal shapes can add a unique and stylish touch to otherwise plain glasses. For something more subtle, find glasses with a design on the inside lining (the part touching the sides of your head). No one can see it while they’re on, but when you take them off the pattern will be revealed. My pink glasses have white hearts on them, and these, which are Jill Stuart, have a cute stripey pattern.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be legally blind at night like me and don’t actually have a prescription for glasses, the fake frames can be a little tricky to find. You’re best bet would be to try Claire’s or other cheap accessories stores. You could also find them at local costume shops or iParty. Or just pop the lenses out of a cheap pair of sunglasses.

While you’re at it, why not go all out and buy a stylish case for your new glasses? Check out the huge selection of adorable eyeglass luggage at MyEyeglassCase.com and you won’t be able to resist.


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