Project Runway Rundown: Jumping the (Drag) Shark

It’s official; even the execs at Bravo know that this season of Project Runway blows. Why else would they dream up a challenge the likes of which we witnessed last night?
Dressing drag queens? Really?
Don’t get me wrong; having Chris March back on the show (using disco balls as a brassiere) made me very happy. Finally! Someone entertaining! But that doesn’t mean the challenge made any sense. The show is supposed to be about finding the next big designer; how the hell does designing Drag for some Queens do that?
Much like I wondered when I was forced to take Stats in college, I have to know: how is this applicable to anything they will do in the future?
Anyways, the designers had to choose from a slew of Queens with names like Headda Lettuce, Sweetie and Miss Understood. And I gotta say, it was nice to have some fun people around again. Is there any way these “ladies” can be on the show full time? The Queens were hilarious, vivacious and had some mad skills with a makeup brush. The designers, on the other hand, are all so boring and I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say we are sick of Suede.
Yes, even with the touching moment he had with his deceased Grandpa, sprouting lettuce and that weird bandanna thing on his head.
Eventually – after hours spent slaving over taffeta and sequins – it was time for the runway show. If Christian Siriano was watching, he was most definitely drooling because that show was FIERCE. Those Queens knew how to work it, and it was nice seeing some body fat up there for once.
I am not surprised to say that this challenge worked well for some people – mainly Stella. It seems that her aesthetic works for more than just biker chicks; she really knows how to design for a Drag Queen.
It also worked well for the winner: Joe. While I think Terri totally got robbed (her Japanese-y outfit was hot), Joe should be proud of himself. He finally found his place on the show and as a designer…designing for a Drag Queen. If anything, this challenge should prove that this man is not cut out for the fashion world and should stick to making dance costumes for his daughters (and large men with a love for shiny pink sailor suits that don’t show off their family jewels).
The loser last night, which surprised no one, was Daniel. It is about. freaking. time. Not only did he design a dress that JLo would wear, but he offended everyone on the runway by announcing, “Sequins makes me barf.” I thought for sure Sweetie and her large, red, sequined adorned boobs was gonna drop an elbow on his scrawny little body.
Yet another crappy designer weeded out. [Tear]
Who is gonna go next week? Keith and his rat-tail? Blayne-alicious? We’ll have to wait and see…

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