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A new school season is here, which means more than new books, new cute boys in class and new dorms. Back to school clothes are one of the most essential things on your list of “To-Do’s” before you pack off for another year of learning and debauchery.
So, where to look for the best finds, as well as the best prices? Check out these stores and, if they’re not near you, pop on their websites!
Target – This is the mini-mall of a college girl’s dream. Here you’ll not only find the best bedspreads and towels, snacks and sodas, but you can now also peruse the clothing section, which seems to be coming out with new high-end-like lines every other day. With prices ranging from $9.99 and up, you’re sure to find some cute basics and exotic prints at this fine, serious leap from Wal-Mart.
Marshalls/TJ Maxx – Get ready to dig, dig, dig, but dig with the best of them because if you do, ladies, you can find the best Seven Jeans, Joe’s Jeans and Theory shirts all for a quarter of the price than on the racks at Nordstroms and Bloomies. Who said we can’t have designer trends in college, despite our almost empty pockets? (Why, I was just in Marshalls today on my lunch break – productive, I know – and I snagged a pair of Joe’s Jeans for just $69.99, a quarter the price than the $200 plus pairs at Bloomies!)
Salvation Army – I’m not kidding here, kids. My girlfriend scored a vintage fur coat at a salvation army in Brooklyn for $10 bucks and rocked her campus hard in the winter. Go for it.

Thrift. Thrift. Thrift
. If you don’t have a Salvation Army in your town, head over to your local thrift and/or consignment shop for the best digs. I spent about two hours in Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn one Saturday and wound up with some of the cutest tops for day and night that were unique and cheap. These stores also happen to be heavenly for accessories and bags.

Sample Sales
. Dig up your local newspaper and see if there are any clothing sample sales in your area (yes ladies, they do exist!) and hit ‘em up. Designer duds for less? Sign me up!
Of course, malls and outlets are great places to stock up on clothes, (Editor’s Note: Have you seen those new JC Penney commercials? Their stuff is lookin’ gooooood!) basics and all your other necessities, but if you’re looking to spice up your life, eh hem, I mean wardrobe…try these places out!
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