Promise Rings…Promising What, Exactly???

Lately there has been a lot of talk of Promise Rings as a sort of pre-engagement commitment. I just can’t seem to grasp this whole trend.
A promise ring?
Maybe it’s all the religious hype that typically surrounds them, or maybe I don’t understand what the promise is, exactly (a promise to love each other? To save yourself for that person? To not cheat or stray?), but they just don’t make sense to me.
I thought being in a committed relationship meant all that already, so why a promise ring?
People have told me I’m unromantic and cold, but here’s the thing: I’m not unromantic. I’m a realist. I believe people fall hard and then get hurt hard. I also, however, truly believe that people do fall in love, but I don’t think all the hoopla is necessary in order to prove or show it.
I, personally, don’t think it’s necessary to use a piece of jewelry to prove your love for someone. Some may argue that the jewelry is a symbol of your love, but I think actions and emotions expressed are sufficient enough. My boyfriend and I love each other, but a ring isn’t what I need in order to keep our love in my heart.
I always thought promise rings were something that teenagers did as a way to devote their puppy love to each other. Or couples being separated in some way; if your boyfriend is going off to Iraq and he wants to give you something to remember him by – just in case – I get it. But a promise ring when you see the person all the time and are practically engaged already?
I don’t get it. And I probably never will.

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