Hello Class of 2012! Freshman Tips You’ll Actually Use

So it’s official: you’ve Facebooked your roommate, scheduled your orientation and practiced your “I’m gonna miss you guys!” speech for all your family and friends. You’re either shrieking for joy or curled up in a ball with fear and anxiety.
Don’t worry: It’s perfectly normal to experience all of these mixed emotions before you even make that trip to campus. But no fear! I’m here to give dish out tips not included in the orientation guide or one of those “Tips to Surviving College” books you got as a graduation gift.
1. Orientation: The friendship goldmine! Orientation is a great way to make friends since everyone there is going through that same, “I’m excited about college, but scared sh*tless” phase too. Plus you never know if you’ll meet your next boyfriend or dining hall buddies, so get out there and network, girl! But be warned, everyone you meet there WILL NOT become your new bff. Everyone’s nice at orientation, but everyone begins to show their true colors after a couple of weeks (or drinks) into the semester. This brings me to my next point…
2. Get to know the upperclassmen. They have tons of useful information, plus they tend to be a bit more mature than your freshie counterparts.
3. Make some “me” time. After all the study sessions, girlfriend outings and dates with bf, you’ll learn to appreciate being alone for a little while
4. Don’t try to be best friends with your roommate. You know how they say it’s bad to live with best friends because eventually you’ll hate each other? Exactly. Having a lot of mutual friends is also a bad idea because you won’t have anyone to vent to when she forgets to take the trash out. Again.
5. Learn your alcohol limit and stick to it. Because after awhile everyone will get tired of watching after the “drunken baby” every time there’s a beer pong tourney. And if you’re a novice/new drinker, stay away from Diesel, Everclear, Cuervo and Bacardi 151 for a while.
6. Don’t forget about your home friends. They’ll always be there to laugh at your “remember that time during homeroom…” stories when you really need a break.
7. Wearing sweats/ pajamas to class everyday is NOT a good look. Seriously.
8. Frat parties are good in moderation. It’s okay stumble upon a Frat house when you’re in need of free drinks and a couple laughs with (or at) the bros. Just don’t turn into that girl that’s always at the Gamma Pi house.
9 . Road trip when possible. It helps to alleviate stress and create some good stories for that next time you decide to head home for a good visit with old friends.
10. On-campus jobs= easy money. The pay/hours aren’t great, but it’s excellent source of gas/weekend money. Plus mom and dad will get tired of transferring funds to your account every week.
11. .Plan ahead for a “Walk of Shame”. The best time to for a post-nookie walk back to the dorm on the weekends is around 7 or 8 when everyone is still in bed.
And my most important point?
Don’t lose focus on what you came to college for…Education! So many people get caught up in aspects of college life that they forget about the quest for the almighty degree. So many people are not able to obtain a college education…take advantage of yours.
Any tips you would like to share/dispute?

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